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NI4CE Repeater System

Bartow  442.825

Holiday  443.450

Lake Placid 443.950

Verna 145.430 & 442.950

Riverview 442.550

All Rptrs = 100hz PL Tone

WC4PEM  Polk County ARES

Linked System

Dundee  146.985-

Frostproof 444.950+

Near I-4 & US 27  444.625+

Kathleen 443.900+  All Tones: 1273

SARnetFL Repeater System

35+ Planned Lnked Repeaters

P-25 Use RepeaterBook




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IARU Ethics/Operating Procedures


146.910- / 146.2

The picture below depicts most of the 6m, 2m and 70cm repeaters in Florida.  You can get a similar map of any State using the interactive Country Wide Map link below.

Through research for this page I have determined that while some lists are better than others none are 100% up to date, so use this page as a guide and report any errors to the organization that maintains the list with an error you may have found.

With around 6 common modes of transmission (Allstar, Dstar, DMR, P-25, NXDN, System Fusion) in addition to Analog FM and VOIP taking place on nearly 1,020 repeaters it’s easy to understand why it is hard to make contact with a particular person and why some repeaters go unused.  If you live in a less populated State the chance that you might contact your intended party is greatly enhanced.

The Links below contain repeaters, nodes and more. Use of some Links require you to Log On to get any benefit, usually at no cost. Suggestions are most welcomed.

Is more better ?

Interactive Country Wide Map by State and Band.  Not totally accurate but worth checking out HERE


West Central Florida

Zephyrhills Area Amateur Radio Club

Zephyrhills, Florida